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Alexandra Brillaud Creative Director

Where do I want to be? How do I get there?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times throughout my life. As a student, trying to forge my academic path. As a track athlete at Boston University, trying to perform my best. Now, as a marketer at iRewardHealth trying to change the way the world looks at health.

So often, my first instinct has been to overhaul my actions- change what I was doing completely, thinking it would bring me the outcome I wanted that much faster. Time and time again, however, the answer to achieving what I wanted was in the little things I could change each day and execute consistently. Small, positive changes that over the days, weeks, and years, changed my life for the better.

Why should health be any different?

So often, we think overhaul is the answer. “Today I start new,” in the back of our minds, but the truth is, that rarely works- our brains just aren’t programmed that way. Pus, this leaves little room for trial and error.

Rather than telling individuals to change all their “unhealthy” behaviors starting today, why not tell them to choose one way each to make a step toward better health in the long term? Skip the parts of health journeys that often leave us feeling lonely, intimidated, and hopeless.

For me, there’s no greater reward than watching people surprise themselves.

Most of us know what will make us healthier and happier- the information is out there and accessible. Most of us have they’ve tried to implement those habits, but haven’t been able to make them permanent parts of our daily schedules. When individuals bridge that gap with iRH, they find that they’re healthier, more productive, and most important, much happier.

As the Creative Director at iRewardHealth, I get to spend my days figuring out how to connect with the people using our app, the ones who lead them, or the ones who might someday.

I manage marketing and communications strategy, oversee its execution, communicate with current and potential iRH users, always working to make sure we stay true to the mission and identity we were founded on. I get to tell people why I’m excited about iRewardHealth in creative ways all day, and I couldn’t be more excited about that.