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Brandon Cowley Director of Business Development

“Why are you passionate about our mission at iRewardHealth?”

I think that my passions, especially relevant to this company, have been shaped by both my experiences and education. My professional life has largely centered around being a fitness expert; working for many years as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and nutrition consult for my clients, there have been countless opportunities for me to directly have a positive impact on their lives. These experiences give me a sense of gratification and purpose, and I always look forward to be a good influence on the people I work with. These experiences have, in turn, given me years of hands-on education. Seeing someone who is both motivated to improve themselves, but also unsure of where to start, I love being able to give them the tools and a path to their success. In the same line of learning, it becomes easy to see how hard it is for people to create that change. Staying on track is difficult, and by human nature people default to the easiest possible actions. Without challenge, there is no change, and that creates the need for entire industries such as ours.

Which brings me back to the original question once more; why am I passionate about our mission here at iRewardHealth? The drive is more complicated, but the answer is simple. I love helping people. Within our company, we are using intelligent technology to effect the daily habits of people in a positive manner. Habit formation is often seen as something that needs to be drastic, immediate, and arduous. As a result, people fall into the trap of trying to change NOW, and keep their efforts at full speed at all times, and any deviation from the path they laid out is seen as a failure. You know someone that has fallen victim to this mentality, and you may have been there yourself. Every try to quit coffee cold turkey, or set a New Years resolution to eat better, or exercise more? Shortly thereafter, did you lapse in your mission and say “Well I’m off the track now, might as well just get all the way off the train entirely”? You would not be alone; changes like these are often set up with lofty finish lines, and an unrealistic plan of action. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that smaller goals you may have set for yourself have also gone by the wayside, in favor of creature comforts, and returning to habits you have already formed. Habits are hard to break; it’s human nature, and we all need help of some sort when initiating change.

This is where I see my place in the world; helping others have a better experience, and get where they are trying to go through providing information, education, motivation, and accountability. Here at iRewardHealth we are looking to get our software into the hands of as many people as possible, and provide them with a way to develop positive, lasting habits. If I can get someone enrolled with our services, and then see that through our methodology we have helped them change for the better, I have done my job and can feel accomplished in my work.