Boston based startup, iRewardHealth, described as “the most promising solution in behavioral change” earns exhibition spot amongst 5,000 sponsored startups at Viva Technology in Paris.

iRewardHealth is a technology company with the mission of revolutionizing preventative health in the workplace through an adaptive mobile and web application.

After being selected as one of ten startups sponsored by global healthcare leader, Sanofi, iRewardHealth spent June 15-17 at Viva Technology in Paris. VivaTech is a hub for the world’s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future, built to create relationships that will change business and society for tomorrow. The conference brings in 50,000 attendees, including 1,000 investors, and 400 speakers.

iRewardHealth is a health incentive application that rewards healthy actions with cash. Founded by a team of behavioral scientists, the program uses machine learning to adapt individually and effectively to motivate long-term behavior change. The company’s mission is to expand the impact they’ve been able to have in a local clinical setting with the development of their digital solution that will reach further.

The three day event included two pitches in which ten Sanofi-sponsored startups discussed the future of healthcare. iRH stood out by beginning the pitch session getting the audience up and moving with stretching and mindful breathing.

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with Dr. Hardy Kietzmann, Director of Innovation at Sanofi and mentor commenting on the likely success of the company. Kietzmann has previously identified iRH as “surely the most promising solution on behavioral change I have seen so far.”

Throughout iRewardHealth’s time in Paris, they opened discussions with potential partners, as well as companies that would benefit from iRH’s unique approach to employee wellness and focus on preventative disease management. As the company’s CEO and Founder, Rick McCartney looks ahead, he is excited about the impact iRewardHealth will have worldwide.

“Companies like Sanofi are looking for a solution in health engagement- a way to keep individuals practicing healthy actions such as taking prescribed medications long enough to form habits. iRewardHealth is that solution.”

iRewardHealth has a growing team in both Berlin, Germany and Boston, Massachusetts. What does McCartney believe will be the key to the company’s success?

“A focus on celebrating every step forward, for both our company and our users. With iRewardHealth, improved health is within reach for anyone.”

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