In Public Health Play, iRewardHealth Offers Health Incentive Tool to Insurance Companies for Free

iRewardHealth is a technology company with the mission of revolutionizing preventative health through an adaptive mobile and web application.

This week, iRewardHealth announced that it will provide its cutting edge wellness technology to health insurance agencies at no cost.

iRewardHealth is a software-based health incentive program that rewards healthy actions with cash. Founded by a team of behavioral scientists with a vision to change the world, this system uses machine learning to adapt to each user’s needs to effectively motivate lasting behavior change. The company’s mission is to use behavioral and technological advances to affect change at a global level.

Speaking on the rationale for offering this novel tool to insurance companies at no cost, co-founder Dr. Benjamin Silverman states, “Insurance is an obvious path to getting the right tool into the right people’s hands. We aren’t trying to build an advertising machine here. We want to improve public health. If we can provide a scalable technological solution that helps to reverse the ever-rising obesity rates, then it is our responsibility to put it in the hands of the right people”.

The iRewardHealth team is searching for health insurers that 1) struggle to engage their sedentary subscribers, 2) are motivated to provide leading edge technologies to improve the healthcare system, and 3) are committed to employing scalable evidence-based approaches to preventing lifestyle related chronic diseases.

The company recently made headlines for hosting Boston Rewards Health, a city-wide push with The Greater Boston Food Bank to claim Forbes’ #1 spot on its list of Healthiest Cities. The initiative invited local companies to practice healthy actions, earning cash along the way. Participants were invited to free wellness events throughout the summer and given the opportunity to donate a portion of their earnings to provide healthy meals for those in need.

Feedback from the application has been overwhelmingly positive, with Dr. Hardy Kietzmann, Director of Innovation at Sanofi commenting on the likely success of the company. In Kietzmann’s words, iRewardHealth is “The most promising solution on behavioral change I have seen so far.”

Insurers are looking for a solution in health engagement- a way to keep individuals practicing healthy actions long enough to form habits. iRewardHealth is that solution.

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