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Nate Burnes Director of Product Management

I joined iRewardHealth because I want to be part of a company that is building a product that can help people live healthy, fruitful lives. I get inspired by watching people accomplish what is hard for them, whether it be completing their first 5K, running a marathon, or walking around the block. Everyone has different abilities and I want our product to help people achieve their goals.

I have worked in different areas of software and healthcare and am 100% committed to the wellness space. I have seen first-hand how people can improve their lives with a little added motivation. At iRH we make being healthy a bit easier. We have the opportunity to make it fun, challenging, and rewarding.

As a personal trainer friend once said, ‘if life is like school, I get to teach recess’…..and recess was always my favorite class. I know I am at my best the more active I am and the better I take care of myself. I have joined more gyms than I can remember, I have spent way too much money on exercise equipment for my basement, I have run marathons, I have ridden my bike for miles on end, I play hockey, tennis, golf and more.

At iRH I am responsible for the Product Development Group. I get to figure out what motivates people, what engages people, how to help people eat better and exercise more. I get to build the product that is going to help people be better versions of themselves. If that is not motivating, I don’t know what is.