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Nina Kiwit COO of iRewardHealth, GmbH

I am part of iRewardHealth because I believe in the mission we represent: motivating everyone to live a health-conscious life.

In the present time, people are striving to find the right balance between their work and their private life. We, at iRewardHealth, are lucky enough to be able to know that work and life do not have to be considered two separate things. We care about each employee, their personal health and inspire to live their lives to the fullest. We want to encourage employers and organisations to do the same- It’s their responsibility to support the creation of healthy habits. One of the greatest treasures of humans is their health – as when it’s missing, everything becomes irrelevant. I wish to help people realize how much better and happier they feel when leading a health conscious lifestyle. Recently, a study found out that the mere feeling of being healthy already decreased the probability of falling ill.

We know it’s hard to establish new habits- I believe in a product that allows you to improve your health for the longterm. And this is why I believe in the mission of iRewardHealth. In today’s world, employers play an essential role – more than ever, a sustainable relation between employers and employees has to be built. It’s a give and take, which must and should be cared for.

With our approach, we we want to help people associate health with positive feelings.

We want to promote awareness that health should play a role in everyday life.

We want to promote awareness that the employer has a responsibility towards its employees.

Health insurance companies – especially in Germany – bear a great responsibility for the common good. And we can support them in shouldering those responsibilities.

My role at iRewardHealth enables me to encourage this: supporting employers in Germany and Europe as well insurance companies to offer the best possible solution to engage people in a health conscious lifestyle.